7/8/18: An Early Attempt (page #6)

I’m glad I’ve decided to post these early attempts at memoir. Reading them now shows me how I’ve had the desire to tell my story for quite some time. Rather than simply journalling what was happening in my life at the moment (something I’ve learned to like more now than then) my initial impulse when putting pen to paper was to tell about my past. Write about where I am from.

The origins of who I am.

In this page I’m sharing today, I can also see my inspiration to try and capture moments in time in my writing. To depict in words, a snapshot of everyday life from the perspective of who I was at the time.

I hope that you (my dear reader) find them of interest as well. I can tell… I’m now feeling that my posts of these pages will have to continued to be…

To be continued…


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