7/7/18: My Net Neutrality

Ever since I started this blog my dear reader, (October 8th, 2017)... I’ve been a bit conflicted about how I want to use the other aspects of my so-called “internet presence”.

I hadn’t really thought about it much, before now. Since the early days, I’ve been just doing whatever came to mind. I’d occasionally get totally engaged in some cool new thing for a while, but then I’d just leave it and not bother to build upon what I’d learned. Opting instead for some other, completely different new thing. It really was a poor way to approach it. I can see now that if I’d suck with some of the stuff I was into back then, I be in a way better position to enjoy what they’ve now become.

Oh well… I’m not sure if this dynamic will change. Now that this blog has changed… everything!

The “social media” that I have so many mixed feelings about and which I’ve used so very differently in the past than I do now, is still a large part of what I do online and it seems I have no intention of building anything with it as well. I like posting photos on Instagram but I don’t do the hashtag thing that would otherwise maximize the exposure of what I post. I have a YouTube account and could easily have developed a cool monetized channel bringing in extra income with all I have available to me living here in Hawaii, but instead I used it to explore making fun narrative shows I called the “Vonalog” and to share videos of some of my (and my friend’s) music.

I hardly use YouTube at all now. Oh well…

Even Facebook could have served me so much better if I’d only had a plan. If I’d only made the process of mastering the medium a priority, all the time and energy I’d spent would been paying off by now. When I first started FB I used it like a blog. Now… I have a blog… THIS blog.

I’m so happy with what I’m creating, how could I possibly justify any regret. I mean… I just finished writing my book and am completely engrossed with the editing process. Blogging has now become what you are reading here, and I just had a nice conversation with my housemate who gave me a great idea for my next book. “A Deacon’s Son” or some such title. It will be a tribute to my father, what kind of man he was and how I was so fortunate to be raised by such a kind, gentle and open-minded man.


It’s like I’ve developed my own kind of net neutrality. As if the internet and all it’s potential, is (and has always been) for me… just a neutral thing in the background of my life. I’ve used it, been engrossed in what can be done with it, and I’ve even felt that I needed it… but it’s never been something I’ve had much interest in as a thing in itself. This could be a good thing… or not. I can easily see its possibilities either way. Many modern thinkers and tinkerers in books, podcasted interviews and TED Talks to which I’ve paid attention, have said as much.

But for me… I think I’m gonna stay neutral.

I’m just an artist who has finally found a medium that I may just stick with for the duration. Clay, glass, music… video editing, animation… they all have been (and still are in some way or other) very good to me and for me. But writing is what now most moves me and so please (my dear reader) know how much you are such a HUGE part of this equation.

Please know that as much as for me, it is for thee… a writer be, my identity.





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