ya know… i used to be pan-agnostic like you bob
back in the day
i guess i’m just fortunate enough to have dug a reality
that tunneled me here
instead of where you went with it

or maybe
my maybe logic
being just is
is just
so i never ended up having your distaste for the word

perhaps that’s the quackery
that saved my life
of course there’s always the power we all know
as placebo

but you don’t have to take my word for it bob
check my nipples
i dunno
i’m sure that I’ve forgotten most of it

still… i do remember how i first became aware of operation mind-fuck
it was 1979 and i was in burge hall watching my favorite roommate create wall newspapers that he would post all over campus
we were talking about this particularly edgy one he had just posted which was a much more than subtle suggestion to assassinate ted kennedy when i asked to look at his copy of the principia discordia

as episkopos you certainly had a big hand in the promulgation of that one
didn’tcha bob
but then we’re all popes now
heh… that’s a good one

anyway, i was amazed at all that raw creativity and humor and my roommate and i both had so much fun reading all the crazy antics of malaclypse the younger and lord omar and imagining ourselves secretly dosed by the feds

of course my roommate then read all your books and one day he started seeing the number 23 everywhere so i did a little mind fucking of my own
it didn’t end nearly as badly as it might have

hail eris

these daze there are millions of people who have lost their minds in much the same way as kerry thornley did and the resulting mega MAGA mind-fucking we all have to deal with now would have made goebbels blush

cue the Q

may just be more than any maybe logic can handle this time

whatcha think weishaupt would’ve had to say about that bob