6:49 am and I’m awakened by…

I’m not sure what. Was it one of the imaginary sounds from a dream? My dreams were so random, and during the night it’s impossible to even guess. It wasn’t that bird whistling, I know that.

7:00 am and I hear it now as if on cue, as if it were programmed to do so. The clear toned, lyric whistle of that jungle bird I always hear calling first thing in the morning. My housemate says it’s either a thrush or a thrasher but that’s impossible to know since thrashers often mimic the call of thrushes. Perhaps vise versa too… I don’t know. It sounds like a human whistling to me.

The other birds answer the call now.


An imaginary dream sound woke me up once last night. It sounded like a distant voice calling out, asking if anyone was there. I got up to check and there was no one. I locked the kitchen door just the same. Normally I wouldn’t have got up but my housemates took Roxy with them and obviously decided to stay over night. Roxy would have challenged anyone unfamiliar approaching.

The security light blinks off and for a moment I stop to make a mental note. If someone were to approach now, that light would be the only warning I would have.

I also note that my dreams must be what has me a bit jumpy and confused. Either that or all the crime drama I’ve been watching.


The dream I remember most had something to do with a living space I was vacating. It was a house in an urban neighborhood that I’d been sharing with several other people and now I was moving out to join my sweetheart and go live with her. I was so happy and excited to be doing this that I was leaving a lot behind. Random stuff of various types of things were strewn all over the place as I left. I was out the door and almost round the corner when I noticed that I didn’t have my wallet.


I returned and retrieved my wallet easily as I knew exactly where I’d left it (of course). It was on a table by a window but then I noticed something I didn’t recognize between the table and the wall. I picked it up and it disappeared from my grasp as it has just now disappeared from my memory.

Dreams are so odd that way.

I was then out into the street and walking. The buildings had changed from the way they had been just a moment ago and I was getting lost.


It is more than a day and a half before the new year, and people were blasting some pretty big fireworks off last night. They are somewhat distant but I can hear them clearly in the extreme stillness of the jungle night when the rain stops. I’d been hearing smaller ones popping since Christmas but now they are beginning to start on the big boomers.

The way people celebrate with fireworks here interested me at first, then it scared me a bit and now I’m just bored and annoyed by it. I won’t miss this part of living here at all.


7:50 am and the birds have all stopped… I assume in anticipation of another heavy rain but now I hear a few start up again. The intricate calls and whistles intertwine with the continuous rush of Waimanalo stream. It passes right by the house, nearly under it. I do love living here but I could leave tomorrow and be happier living with my sweetheart.

I’ve known that for a while now and that certainty sustains me.

Even when I’m a bit jumpy and confused.


went to sleep so happy last night. I had one of my all time favorite old love songs in my head, My Pledge of Love (Joe Jeffrey Group 1969) only I was changing the lyrics in my head to My Perfect Love because of the phone conversation my sweetheart and I had as she went to sleep and I went back to watching some more crime drama. 

I love her so much.