The Danger Zone:

“The Danger Zone” is the area in which all production in Nurfworld takes place. It is completely automated and surrounds the entire structure, acting as a buffer between it’s inhabitants and the world outside. Actually, all of the inhabitants of Nurfworld now think that The Danger Zone IS the world outside.

Since it’s beginnings, the creators of Nurfworld have always stressed the dangerousness of the world outside to justify construction of this completely controllable one. A world free of danger. Outside of Nurfworld, one could never be entirely safe so everything outside was referred to as The Danger Zone but in actuality, the real Danger Zone is relatively small and just as contained as everything else in Nurfworld.

It may not be the real outside world, but The Danger Zone is really dangerous. Equipped with robot sentries programmed to kill any intruder, The Danger Zone makes sure that no one venturing into this forbidden area, would ever been seen or heard from again. To maintain the kind of fear that can keep an entire population in an enclosed space (however safe, comfortable and entertaining that space may be) the controllers of Nurfworld can ill afford survivors of such behavior.

Of course the number of people who stray into The Danger Zone is quite small and of the type who wouldn’t be missed or lamented anyway. The vast majority of the occupants of Nurfworld know better than to mess with The Danger Zone.


More to come…