10/30/17: Adolescent Justice (part two)


Reggie had a way of getting under your skin
Pissing people off, was what he did for fun
And I used to love to watch him as he’d run away
From the older boys in scout troop ninety one

We all knew that he deserved every beating that he got
Everyone participated in his torture
As he ran Reggie would laugh and taunt us till he got caught
Then he’d scream at the top of his lungs


Mr. Spawn was a man of principle and honor
And he taught us all the Boy Scout rules
But we knew that at some level he could understand
How such nice young boys could be so cruel

As came to Reggie’s rescue his face turned bright red
And he scolded our disturbance of his order
We imagined that he must have wished that Reggie was dead
For the way he made him lose his cool

My father was a teacher and Mr. Spawn’s friend
They thought I was above that kind of pleasure
So on every single camp-out I shared Reggie’s tent
Giving me a front row seat for every show

And on any given night while Reggie lay there sleeping
I would sit and wait for someone to arrive
But I never stopped to think if it was wrong or right
When they came to take poor Reggie for a ride

I just wondered what the boys had planned to do to him this time
Or whether he’d awake before they got there
But not a trace of guilt would ever cross my mind
As I heard poor Reggie scream into the night

Mister Spawwwwwwwwn!!!!!!

You my say that it was wrong for us to add to Reggie’s plight
And no one could deserve that kind of torture
But our adolescent justice gave us every right
There was never any doubt in our minds

Reggie knew that he deserved every beating that he got
Even he participated in his torture
Adolescent justice laid it on the line
Simply being Reggie was his crime



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