big tobacco covered up the effects of polonium 210 for over forty years
big oil did the same about greenhouse gas emissions
and is still doing it
and doing it
and doing it

the sackler family was just one player in big pharma’s deadly game
BASF, DuPonte, Dow, Sinopec
if you don’t see the evil pattern in that list
i’m sorry
i can’t help you

today’s big tech companies have taken the most sublime tool for connecting all of humanity
and turned it into a mind-sucking blight on our very existence as social creatures
and now we get into unforgivable flame-fights with close friends and relatives
about meaning
and health
and power

the worst of us have done their worst
to seal this fate
and more
i only hope my time comes first
i shall not wait
for war


My Sweetheart is all I know