the bank was nervous
that day
the man
was not

he remembered how it had been

the parties
the unmitigated minds of creation
the power

there was no stopping them then
no person or people
or government
the gods themselves were compelled
to take heed

everyone of consequence
was on the team
and he was the man

he actually seemed to care
and they loved him for it

so on that day
when everything changed
and all was revealed
they came for him
looking for blood
payback or at least
something that felt like

but he wasn’t there

they thought this impossible
that all they had had to do
was get together
against the man

but the man knew
he just let that part of himself die
the part that seemed to care
it was his to kill
so he did
and became a new man

and as a new man he could pretend to join the rabble and dissolve into their hateful grievance and no one would know he wasn’t one of them

but he knew
he knew the secret
he knew the parts that never seem to change
that’s why the bank had trusted him before
and would again

all he had to do
was wait