4//23/19: SM Morning Meditation

FB: New profile photo by an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a few years with a very pregnant partner (whom I’ve never met).

Instagram: Group photo of the kids of a couple I don’t know well and haven’t seen in a year or two.

FB: Ad for Honolulu Reiki.

Instagram: Another photo of the same kids. This time they are doing something cute.

FB: Facebook-generated meme by a friend I saw last summer.

Instagram: Professional-looking promotional photo by a good friend I haven’t seen in many, many years.

FB: Group photo of an acquaintance (with kids) who I worked with once but haven’t seen in a few years.

Instagram: Pretty good nature photo by a person I barely know.

FB: Pretty good drawing by a person I barely know.

Instagram: Selfie by the person I barely know who posted the pretty good nature photo.

FB: Close-up photo of an injured body-part by someone I used to try and work with (and who professed a great deal of enthusiasm for working with me) but who never followed up on anything so I gave up trying to make that happen.

Instagram: Photo of food preparation by a friend.

FB: Add for an up-coming show put on by the acquaintance who posted the above photo with kids.

Instagram: Photo of food about to be consumed by a friend (different from the food preparation photo above).

FB: Repost of a mildly clever joke ad by an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a year or two.

Instagram: Another selfie by the person I barely know who posted the pretty good nature photo.

FB: Old photo by a person I barely know who always posts stuff I think is pretty darn cool.


This is a test
This is only a test
Do not panic
Do not switch to any other blog or website of any kind and by all means avoid all social media outlets
If this had been an actual blog post you would have been (once again) wowed and amazed by the cleverness and artistic prowess of the author
Please stay tuned
Please continue to monitor this website for up-coming creative expressions and releases of products for your enjoyment and perhaps even enlightenment
Remember… you are a beautiful and valuable being in this universe and you are loved






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