11/24/18: Bloody Nonsense

They can spot the culprit
And magnify it on a screen
Those scientists and doctors
Can pinpoint that nasty gene
And with a little engineering
They can take that wayward train
And they can get it back on track
So you’re smart, straight, thin, and sane

—— Loudon Wainwright III


Last night I watched a movie that (although it wasn’t the main element in the story) fell into a category of popular culture that I see all-too-often as employing a certain kind of pseudo thought, that has always bothered me.

The so-called debate surrounding the so-called battle between “genetics and the environment”. You know… “nature vs. nurture”?

This false dichotomy annoys me most because it sets up a conflict where none are needed. A conflict that symbolizes (and even facilitates) a pernicious old paradigm. One that I believe to be the biggest barrier to the kind of development humanity must begin to grow into.

I shouldn’t have to go into details about this old paradigm. This perspective that has people believing in and behaving all kinds of silliness… and even elements of evil.

Like loving a blood-related child more than an adopted one. Like using cultural differences as an excuse for racial hatred. Like linking scientific inquiry, with attempts at control and oppression. Like pretending that age-old oppressive institutions reflect some “destiny”-driven inevitability.


Human behavior is a subtle, nuanced amalgamation of genetic propensity, environmental influence… and choice.

Human cultural practices are codified collective human behavior.

Human nature developed (and continues to develop) as a result of humanity’s response to both genetic and behavioral variation.

Humanity’s technological advances have facilitated more mixing of physical and behavioral variation than ever before.

Humanity’s home here on this planet is fast becoming less and less able to support the ago-old, conflict/competative-driven paradigms that have suffered our attempt at “survival”.

Humanistic false-starts at proactive evolutionary manipulation that lead to disaster, do not negate the need for further attempts at finding a better way… a better version of ourselves.

A new human nature.

I’m not going to pretend to know what this will look like. I only want to add my voice to those I hear who move with all this in mind. Those who’s motives mesh with a mindfulness for finding that better version of…




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