11/30/18: Naked Returns

“If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.”

—— Warren Buffett


I’ve been pretty bad at managinging my money most of my life, so I found it interesting this morning to discover that I share such feelings of gratitude with Mr. Buffett on being among the lucky ones.

Of course my investments have been of a different type than the multi-billionaire banking guru, and I’m sure he’d agree that our respective successes have not been entirely due to luck. But I’ve no doubt that Warren has been at least as lucky as I, and I have no reason to disbelieve his claim to (at least) be thinking about those less fortunate.

Perhaps this article in “The Nation” would suggest otherwise but…

I digress.


What has me so thoughtful this morning about my good fortune, is what has me so inspired in general.

Finding real happiness.

Love, relationship, partnership, companionship, trust, devotion, consideration, sharing the joy AND the challenges, honest communication, letting go of past bad luck and bad behavior, acknowledgement of past inadequacies and poor decisions, a proactive approach to giving rather than a tit-for-tat insistence on reciprocity…


My sweetheart and I had a brief conversation a little while ago about some of these things and now she is doing things n stuff around the house while consciously contemplating her own creative process in light of her specific experience of the above happiness factors.



Thus the return of the naked.
Thus we will learn how to make it.

We bare our bodies, every moment.
We share our souls, even foment…

Bold idiosyncrasies,
Naked individualities.

Soon will I return to a life I’ve never lived.
Soon now in nakedness, resurgence will I give.

My gratitude now grows.
Has me living thus.

My return service goes
On and on my humble bus.

We are investment’s best.
We are the 1%



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