Sunset Beach

Drive up north from the city any chance you get
Search for puka shells in the sand before you get wet
Sit yourself down under some ol’ palm tree
See a show that’s way much better than TV

There’s always drama on Sunset Beach
Somebody acts like an asshole
But then they smoke a little weed
And then go surfin’
And drink another 40 of beer
Yea there’s plenty of entertainment here

Now why would anyone wanna stay home and watch another rerun of “Friends”
When you can see Coconut Willie and the Caveman
And you can bet your life that before the sun has set
These two will have gotten into argument after argument

About absolutely nothing, nothing at all
And it won’t come to a merciful end
Until the caveman goes stomping off
And then old Willie will spend the next two hours up to two more days
Goin’ on and on about how the caveman deserved to get told off like that cause he always goes on and on and never lets anyone get a word in edgewise then somebody points out that Willie is just as much at fault because he knows all the caveman’s buttons and he pushes every damn one of em so there’s really no reason for so much

Drama on Sunset beach
Well everybody’s an asshole
When there ain’t enough weed
And nobody’s got a lighter
And everybody’s too drunk to go for more beer
But then a pretty girl walks by and we all realize why we’re here

Can this all be true?

Well them Internet girls they’re just going to have to wait
Sunset Beach is the best place to meet a mate
Cause anywhere you park along the road
The beauty there takes no time to down-load

And whether she’s a hippy chick in a tie-dyed sarong
Or whether she looks like Malibu Barbie in a tight black leather thong
You can bet she’s got some kind of cryptic symbol tattooed just above the crack of her ass
And all the surfers go wild every time she wanders past

And enters our drama on sunset beach
You may think I’m an asshole
But here take a hit off this here weed
And let’s go surfin’
And drink another 40 of beer
You may just like to come and hang out here

Yes it’s true

Looks like it’s time to finish this song my friends
But the drama on Sunset Beach it never ends
So if you want to find out any more
Just get your butt on up to the north shore

You won’t be disappointed, no not at all
There’s something for everyone on Sunset Beach no matter who you are
You could be a surfer, a swimmer, a scuba-diver, a sun-tanner, a local, a tourist, Hawaiian or Haole. You could be a fat cat who just bought a restaurant in Haleiwa or a street musician who trades his guitar strings for ganja. You could be a military dude in his tattoos and camo-pants or a leggy blonde German chick showing off her new breast implants. You could be a Japanese tourist in a big stretch-limo or a paranoid schizophrenic homeless woman shouting at all who go

And enter this drama on Sunset Beach
Well… you too can be an asshole
Just be sure to bring plenty of weed
And don’t forget to go surfin’
And drink at least one 40 of beer
I think you may just like to end up here

In this big drama on sunset beach
The whole world is full of assholes
But that’s why God created weed
So when you’re surfin’

And drinking one more 40 of Micky’s malt liquor beer
Don’t ya know it’s its sunset beach every day of every year

Song Credits

Brian von Ahsen: vocals and acoustic guitar
Pierre Grill: bass
Recorded at Rendez-Vous Recording in Honolulu
Artwork by Will Caron