War On Truth

Well you know this next song it’s a… it’s about a war that’s been going on kinda but a so you know it’s all true of course that this war’s been going on forever… forever
It’s the war on truth

The other day I got an e-mail from a friend of mine.
It promised information to quench my thirsty mind.
“No politics, just truth” it said and I was thinking, “Ok… Fine.”
We all know that in the pursuit of one, the other is just a waste of time.

I clicked the link I didn’t have to think I knew exactly what to expect.
The author’s political agenda was clear any child could detect.
And he started off with these assertions that I found very suspect.
I knew right away I wouldn’t have much to say to my friend on this topic when I saw him next.

So pour them gin and tonics till we’re both long in the tooth
Martinis are passé and anyway were all out of vermouth
Killing brain cells is far more fun forthwith and forsooth
Better that than to be drafted into this war on truth

One time when I was heading back to my bike just after my daily swim
There was a guy sitting on a nearby bench looking like he expected me to talk to him
And he asked me if I knew that I was saved and surly going to heaven
“If not” he said “the truth I’ve got is guaranteed to get you in”

I turned and smiled, not even riled that my peace was interrupted.
“I’m quite aware” said I “that there’s no lair where souls go uncorrupted.”
“But to be so certain” I continued “smacks of second-guessing God’s intentions.”
“I surly hope that you’re not dope enough to risk him being so offended.”

So roll a great big fatty let’s try and recapture our youth
Put on some Jimmy Hendrix he’s sure to raise the roof
I’d rather be tried and convicted of being way less than couth
Than to be conscripted into this confounded conflict on truth

Well tomorrow’s not my birthday, I got nothing special planned
Perhaps I’ll write a song or two and/or try and understand
Something about some other thing that I always knew was always at hand
So I can talk about whatever it is I need to talk about, at anyone’s command

The worst I think that could happen is that I’d never see
How foolish I had been to have stop watching TV
And this raging war would end and no one would ever think to tell me and…
And then where would I be?

So surf them ten-foot breakers, boogie when it’s smooth
Go online and look for yourself you don’t have to be a sleuth
Hey it looks like I’m running out of words that rhyme with truth
So it seems that this song means the war is now on you

So roll a great big fatty let’s try and recapture our youth
Put on some Frank Zappa he’s sure to be a goof
Hey I guess I found another word that rhymes well with truth
Anything to keep from participating in this war on…
War on…
War on…
War on Truth

It’s all true ladies and gentlemen thank you thank you so much

Song Credits

Brian von Ahsen: vocals and acoustic guitar
Recorded at Rendez-Vous Recording in Honolulu