Come gather round and hear this song
I’ll try and make it less than long
And at least a little interesting

I’ll be careful that the words I use
Are honest to my most demanding muse
With an occasional phrase that packs a whole bunch of them together making it really difficult to sing

And in the chorus or bridge or whatever
I’ll do my best to tie them all together
Or perhaps I’ll just use some clever rhyme
That’ll at least leave you feeling you haven’t wasted time
And make up for any nonsense or non sequiturs

This chord progression is more than a little like
Some body else’s song that I really like
And I almost never make a word rhyme with itself

That it’s all true you should know by now
I hope I’ve raised at least one eyebrow
And that you’ll understand when I let the whole thing just kinda play with itself

Sometimes I can’t avoid vulgarity
But I’ll do my best to use it very sparingly
And of course there are things that I wouldn’t do
Nothing for which anyone could sue
And I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in self parody

Self parody

So gather round and hear the end
Is not even a little near my friend
Although in some ways it is

These words I suppose I can only hope
Won’t end up sounding like I’m just on dope
Or stuck in a similar situation as Narcissus

Now I’m not saying my manhood’s at stake or anything
So far as I can tell everything’s still functioning
As for you don’t worry there’s no need to squirm
This song’s not intended to attempt to affirm
Now don’t you worry now don’t you fret
Remember we’re all bound to eventually forget

Song Credits

Brian von Ahsen: vocals and acoustic guitar
Leslie Klein: violin
Pierre Grill: drums and bass
Recorded at Rendez-Vous Recording in Honolulu
Artwork by Will Caron