No More Politics

I hate politics by the way…

No more politics please
No more politics please!
Got more than I need
As far as I can see
From here on my knees

No more left, no more right
No more red, no more blue
More important fights to fight
Better things to do
Between me and you

Than to quibble and squabble with the drivel that’s dribbling from the river of rabble running rampant round the radio and television so-called news, from fundamental fanatics fanning flames from fallacies to fractured truths. what’s really true?

And from college campuses’ conspiracy-theorizing, socialist to anarcho-communistic gurus, and the world-wide web’s ever-morphing, infinitely multi-perspectival, blogisphereic view, what can I use?

No more politics please
No more politics please!
Yes I’ve had all these
Before I turned twenty three
Now I’ve gone to seed

No more flowers, no more trees
No more birds, no more bees
That’s what we’re sure to see
If we don’t soon take heed
Control our greed

For more and more of anything and everything nobody knows nothing bout anything, each and everyone so completely totally and spiritually and morally confused. Too many nuts get too much attention every point of past reality’s under contention, no wonder I sing the blues. Now why ain’t you?

Why aren’t you like me or I like you, why are we all differently the same although the same said about me can’t necessarily be said about you? How can we balance life’s dichotomies without getting caught in polemic inevitabilities like Dr. Doolittle’s Push-me/Pull-you

No more politics please
No more politics please!
No more to ensue
This topic’s all but through
Like I am with you

I hate politics… especially during election season which seems to be all the time now isn’t it?

Song Credits

Brian von Ahsen: vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica
Pierre Grill: bass
Recorded at a private home in Honolulu May 6, 2011
Artwork by Will Caron