The first thing to do.
Is pass through.

Or not.


For this to even be considered, all internal machines, mechanisms, devices… etc.  need to be in alignment, in sync.

All moving parts MUST (at the very least) be functioning at nominal capacity.
Including all adaptive and/or augmentative devices employed.

Sensors must be at a well-balanced sensitivity setting.
So neither too much or too little data are allowed to either over or underwhelm.

CPU consciousness will need full connectivity to the entire database library (cloud and hard drives) as well as to the live feed.
Creating and maintaining neural and nodal pathways open to the larger network is essential.

Both judgement and discernment processors are to be consulted equally.
So the choice calculator can fully function.

And then…


The distant landscape appears almost exactly the same on either side.
I can choose to walk through.
I can choose to walk around.

The portal provides only a small window into that world.
The portal gives no indication of what will happen.
No obvious objective with which to base my decision.

Some would say, that this point is moot.
Some would say, that this decision is an illusion.

The distant landscape offers no discussion.
The distant landscape offers no assistance.

My sensation of free will is all I have.

My love of life is all I need.