2/20/18: I Want More


It’s a small crowd
No need to sing loud
And the only light is shining on me
The sound is just right
I’m not tense or up-tight
But though I’m feeling good I know could be

A whole lot more

Some of you here are close friends
And I would like to commend you
For having the good taste to be here tonight
I’ve got a feeling my old blues
Will soon be finding their muse
Then there’ll be no way to justify any gripe

Any more

Somebody said I need to get by with less
Or else I’ll use up my resources
But I choose to love and live at my best
Open to really know what creation is

And what it’s for

I don’t need to just get by
Making up excuses to not fly
When there are infinite places to go
I wasn’t made to stay small
And it won’t help to still crawl
When I can stand up and continue to grow

Yea I need more

I need more, I need to be more
Until I’m looking out of God’s own eyes
I need to wake up, but for now I’ll shut up
I wouldn’t want you to think I’m here to


Yea it’s a small crowd
And I’m just hanging around
Singing songs about the ways of the world
And you know it’s all true
When I say that I love what I get from you

And even though I know not what may unfurl

I want more



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