4/15/18: Commitments, Confoundments and other Truths

I started this blog over six months ago now by announcing my commitment.

My commitment to posting at least something here every day. Thus, the title… the Heading…

The Daily Brian!

I did not meet that commitment yesterday and that fact has brought up several thoughts, feelings and whatnots. Whatnots that are now conspiring and insisting on inspiring today’s post so…

I’m going to allow it. And why not?

It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to, write what I want to, write what I want to…

The feelings that came up around this are right here in my body and I am dealing with them accordingly. If I need to write about these feelings specifically, I will do so but for now, simply writing about the thoughts is what I feel like doing so…

The first thought came up as I looked at the digital date stamp (or whatever it’s called) which records the non-editable and thus undeniable date on which the post is actually published. It appears in small text under each thumbnail photo in the list of posts and at the very bottom of the page for every individual post.

I have been keeping up with having a post for every date in sequence without missing a single day. I put it in the title that way so even if the digital date stamp skips a date due to my having published it late, I’ll still have a post for every day and appear to have been keeping my commitment. The thought I had as I looked at this was, “Hmm… is this the first time this has happened? I seem to remember it happening at least once before.” Well, that’s easy to check so I just now did.

Wow! I have now done this exactly six times. Ok, so now I know… glad I checked.

Another thought that came up for me as a result of my little lapse in post publishing consistency, is related to what I might do about it. If anything. What is happening now, is exactly that and again I’m glad. I’m writing an in-the-moment thingy and happily doing so. Happy that I created a category for just this type of writing and happy that I can feel comfortable writing like this. As I’ve said, this blog is for me to have a place to practice writing and albeit memoir is what I’m most interested in writing and what I’m writing most… I’m glad I have this.

It’s my nonFacebook. It allows me to no longer use Facebook as the blog I was using it as, before starting this real blog. It also allows me to do this kind of doodle-writing thing without feeling like I’m doodle-writing in public. This brings me to a final thought for this here doodle-writing thingy thing.


Just a few minutes ago, I gladly used Facebook (and multiple times this morning already) for the purpose I am so very happy I now use it almost exclusively. As a facilitator for real human connection. A Facebook Messenger message came up on my phone from someone I’d wanted to speak to for several days but because she lives in Wisconsin, the time difference can make it tough to know when it’s cool to call.

So I called her and had the conversation I’d been wanting to have. I then (since I now had FB open) saw that my sister had “liked” a photo I posted on FB from instagram, so I called her and had a conversation I really had unknowingly been wanting to have with her for some time now.

See how cool that is? How useful “social media” can be for me if I just use it this way?

Very cool indeed.


A closing thought is how I am writing here as if I’m assuming an audience, as if people are reading. The only audience I know of is (of course) me. The fact that I don’t allow comments on my blog posts and never look to see if there is any activity here makes it so I never know if anyone may be reading what I am writing.

I’ve said this before and mention it ad nauseum to friends when talking about my blog. I would love it if there are people out there who read my posts every day. But I am very aware of how allowing comments would trap me into writing replies to comments and in the long run might affect my flow.

So now (this thought is making me smile) if I am my only reader here, I feel a need to let myself know that I would love it if I would call, email or FB message me whenever I read something in this blog that inspires me to do so.

I promise I’ll be responsive. Just as (with this) I am doing exactly that.

In this here…



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