It’s about self care

It’s about care for others

It’s about…


Here and now.

Here and now I stir my cup, type a few more words, snap a photo of me and Roxy to use as the featured image for today’s post.

I smile, aware of the absurdity of this. This attempt at the here and now.


A few weeks ago I was having Sunday brunch at a vegan restaurant with some friends and a woman to whom I’d just been introduced. I was talking about my morning practice and mentioned that the regularity of it, the routine itself has opened me to accepting inevitable breaks in the routine.

“No!” The woman reacted sharply.

I was a bit taken aback so I quickly explained (and as she understood, she completed my thought in agreement before I finished) that adherence to the routine (however important and healthy) must not be such that a break and/or change would destroy the equilibrium, the foundational balance that the practice is there to establish, support… nurture.

How can a practice be seen as healthy, if deviation (or even reorganization) is completely out of the question?

If I am to live in the mindfulness supported by my practice, I must also allow for mindful change to support that vision.

This morning when my housemate reminded me of a changing situation here at home and asked that I take it into consideration, I felt no stress. Despite the obvious fact that I was going to have to dramatically change the logistics of my morning practice, not once did my mind imagine that there might be some difficulty.

And now… in this here and now I am constantly discovering, in realtime (Roxy approaches and nuzzles my leg for a moment) a joy otherwise unavailable to me…

Just a few short hours ago.

Taking the fruits of my morning practice into the heart of my every day life, my life every moment…