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11/19/17: W-W-W-W-W-H

  Who the hell am I To tell you, to tell you What I will do It’s on me, it’s on me There’s a dark cloud on the horizon Headed for the shore With a black shroud over your eyes one might be bedded under the floor Bedded under the floor Where the hell are [...]

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11/18/17: The Wrong Road (Whatdoyouthink?)

"Free will is the sensation of making the choice. Even though, behind the scenes, the laws of physics were pulling the strings." Physicist Brian Greene --------------------------------- "How do you think it feels When all you can say is: If only" Artist Lou Reed ------------------------------- This morning, I'm having the sensation of making the choice to [...]

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11/17/17: The Wrong Road (The Right End)

Looking round this swirling sea All that bubbles up to be Opportunities arise Come to punish, come to prize When it comes, time to choose Realize that it’s all true ------------------------------------ I've never been one to put much stock into things like premonitions and signs n such. Almost every time I've taken LSD, my "trip" [...]

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11/16/17: The Wrong Road (Part three)

I have no idea who came up with the clever plan to double my student loan money. All I can remember now, is that an old friend (who shall remain nameless here) and I, agreed to go 50/50 on something like 750 hits of "purple barrel" acid. I would contact this "Guy" guy, arrange the deal [...]

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11/15/17: The Wrong Road (Part two)

It wasn't the first time young "good boy" me was entrusted with more responsibility than adult "aware" me would have done. It also wasn't the first time I was the unwitting subject of experimental practices in policy and procedure by those with authority. And it wouldn't be the last. That summer job that wasn’t bringing in [...]

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11/14/17: The Wrong Road (Part one)

Now that I think about it, it was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I suppose some might pass it off as just another crazy youthful stunt (I’ve certainly participated in my share) and I don’t think I could throw a rock in this town without hitting at least three old coots who’ve done [...]

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11/13/17: Interrogation (Part one)

Throughout human history, those able to gain power over others, have experimented with methods of maintaining order in the societies they rule. There is no need to reiterate that history here. The legacy of totalitarian despotism (and the brutal repression and revolutions to which it inevitably led) as well as past attempts at democracy and [...]

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11/12/17: Flatland Shuffle

  Way back before this modern age The ascending path was all the rage The only way to sal-va-tion Was to flee the many and find the one But since that was the only thing they ever did They never even saw the descending grid Those descenders found their dignity By embracing this world’s diversity [...]

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11/11/17: Tales from 6-D East (And Everyone was Happy)

"What is the sense of ruining my head and erasing my memory, which is my capital, and putting me out of business? It was a brilliant cure, but we lost the patient." Ernest Hemmingway ------------------------------------- I can't remember exactly when it happened, but my first "real job" with the hospital TV rental company, eventually morphed [...]

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11/10/17: Paying for it Now

Our promised plastic paradise Has putrefied somehow With too tall tails and caterwauls Silk as spun from a sow Counterfeit claims of highest aims Have reached the lowest brow Blessed be them never bought it then We're all paying for it now Then in comes pantomime the sage To land the fatal blow With random [...]

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