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5/21/19: Navigating the Web

2:29 pm Tuesday Van #1470 vehicle pre-trip check complete. A moment of calm. I think of my sweetheart in her yoga class taking care to nurture her bum knee. Breathe baby breathe. Tablet booted, I log onto DriverMate and check my manifest. A "normal" day ahead. On paper anyway. Time to check in with dispatch. [...]

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5/18/19: Ode to a Strange Blue Sea Creature Washed up on the Beach

So lost in thoughts of love was I oblivion's pho-monastic But for a friend and his keen, watchful eye I'd of thought you made of plastic Still all a glitter in noonday light you lay upon the sand We pondered not nor with any foresight for you beyond our Instagram Oh strange blue thing from [...]

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5/15/19: Feline Fossil Fable Fancy

Stepping ever so lightly among the smoldering volcanic debris she departs Her massive, yet nimble body quivers as a deceptively soft coat ripples beneath perfectly coordinated musculature The hunt went well today Long "saber" sharp teeth drip with the blood of her kill The cubs will feast today Exhausted, this great "cat" can ill afford [...]

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5/14/19: Here’s the Sky

Stepping with care rather than fear Being aware here Providence favors curiosity in the we A tree over there rather than here A stone Alone among all that ever was the same breath I and I ne'er to dwell my love calls inspired The morning call to order falters not ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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5/12/19: Lucid Translucence

It's not always as easy at it might seem being seen Especially when such visage has been actively sought As if all hope once granted becomes the greatest challenge Waves of fear rise and fall and flow without havoc Without recourse or reason for such vanity All that can be waxing clear in love's gentle [...]

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