As a child I would cry without shame
Then as a man I’d build walls to stop the rain
When my daddy died I threw my pain against the wind

I couldn’t cry
Couldn’t look within

In my time
Left me alone

Look at my shadows
Craving to atone

Knowing now I only need to cry

Cry without shame

She lived life for her children to be free
And when she died a better world then would be
Every day she suffered men she would never choose

She didn’t cry
Not afraid to lose

Hear her now
Call out her name

Endure the sorrow
Truth of her refrain

The hurt she knew should only ever cry

Cry without shame

We have the power to live for what’s real
Call out the darkness remember how to feel
Some people say it’s clear that the world is all but through

It’s over now
Nothing we can do

Look inside
Don’t fear the pain

Embrace the shadows
The wind and the rain

A world of hurt also needs to cry

Cry without shame