Oh the people I remember
In the stories that I tell
Some be angels from my wildest dreams
Others psycho freaks from hell
I’ll avoid the histrionics
I wouldn’t want to waste your time
But each moment tends to foment
More than my heart can keep inside

Though I wasn’t born yesterday
And my youth is far from gone
I can’t help but see these kids today
Have no sense of right or wrong
Yes I know that sounds judgmental
Or from a non progressive mind
But this ticking has me sticking
To old fears I thought lost in time

And I’d like to think I’m grown up
But this game of tempting fate
Likely leads me to hullabaloo
Diatribe without debate
I don’t mean to wax loquacious
But I can’t seem to hold my tongue
And though cheesy I find easy
To simply think the good die young

So I’m living every moment
As if now be all there is
And when the last one presents itself
Don’t expect I’ll pass the quiz
I won’t need remuneration
I’m satisfied to know my crimes
And my finish won’t diminish
Any happenstance sublime

I’m aware I get pedantic
But I won’t tolerate abuse
And at worst I’ll be the first
To plagiarize nouveau abstruse