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7/7/18: My Net Neutrality

Ever since I started this blog my dear reader, (October 8th, 2017)... I've been a bit conflicted about how I want to use the other aspects of my so-called "internet presence". I hadn't really thought about it much, before now. Since the early days, I've been just doing whatever came to mind. I'd occasionally get [...]

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7/6/18: An Early Attempt (page #5)

I do hope (my dear reader) that you find it as interesting as I do... to be reading these (what I at the time thought of as journal pages) early attempts at memoir. Here is one where I'm beginning to get into what my current self recently wrote here... as my first foray into the [...]

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7/4/18: All my Troubles…

Yesterday... ---- Paul McCartney 1965 ----------------------------------------- I'm tired, I'm sore. Feeling fat, inadequate, unloved. Unlovable. I haven't played my guitar in over a week. I have written a song in FOREVER! My throat feels like I've got another of those random, stupid, non-stop spasms of phlegm-laden shitty-assed coughing bouts coming on... Eeech!! Eeech!! Eeech!! Eeech!! [...]

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7/2/18: An Early Attempt (page #2)

Reading this now, informs me of how my memory has changed over the years. I have already posted in this topic, a version of the story on this and (I'm sure) other pages from this early journal. We shall see what these changes look like, as I am deciding now that this will have to [...]

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7/1/18: An Early Attempt (page #1)

Here is the first page of a brief journal I kept while driving a taxi in my home town of Rochester, Minnesota. The journal starts in early 1986 but doesn't last very long. As you will see in posts to come, I eventually spent as much time doodling in the margins, as I did writing. [...]

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