It’s was such an odd sensation.

I knew… I finally knew what I had to do only I could see that I wasn’t going to have time to do it.

As I struggled to keep swimming up and up through the crystalline material that got thicker and thicker as I went, it kept growing and growing and slowing me down and turning me around until I was going down the wrong way.

I was going the wrong way but I couldn’t turn back up until I was farther down than before and then as I did turn back up, I knew and I could see and feel that the crystalline material had thickened behind me.

It was so thick now that I could barely move.
I wasn’t going to make it.

It was so frustrating, yet I wasn’t worried.
I wasn’t afraid.

I wasn’t afraid because I knew that this was a dream and I’d eventually just wake up but somehow I kept dreaming.

I kept trying to swim up.

Then I awoke.


I’d been dreaming that I was in a vast empty city.
An empty city that had only been empty for a moment.
Just one brief moment before…

THIS moment!
Before this moment I had been around EVERYONE!
And I knew them all.

I knew everyone in this vast empty city and I knew immediately what I had to do.
I had to get to that place.
That place I knew I had been before.
I had to get to that place where the sky was open enough for me to swim up to the top, turn around and fling myself back to the ground with enough force to BREAK THIS SPELL!

While I ran towards the place I knew I had to find, I saw everything changing.
The signs on the buildings were changing, the shape of the buildings were changing.
They were beginning to take shapes and send me messages that seemed to try and get me to stop.

The message was clear in my mind as I ran.
As I ran around looking for that open space in the sky I kept getting the message from everything I saw and felt and heard.
I heard…



I heard stop but I kept going.

I kept running even after I knew that I could no longer know if I was going in the right direction or not.
I could have been going anywhere and there was no way I would ever find that spot of open sky but then…

I was there.

I was in that space with the open sky but I knew that I was too late.
I could see the crystalline material was already growing.
I could see the crystalline material growing fast up there in the open sky.
I could see that the open sky was becoming filled with the crystalline material and I could see that it wouldn’t be long before it wouldn’t be open anymore.

I knew it was too late but I had to try.

I had to try and jump up and swim up up up… into the open sky and get high enough to where I could turn around and fling myself back to the ground with enough force to…


The spell broke.
I awoke.