Her love shines through me.
Upon all I do.
All I experience.

I love seeing the world through these new eyes.
I love seeing her world and mine, combine.

That which I think.
That which might have otherwise triggered an ego-driven response.
Pales in comparison.

The challenge now is to find a new space.
A space where my being can experience a well of well-being.
A balance of the I and the non-I.


My eternal “yes” opens to an inevitable, subsequent “and… ”

Yes, this space is here, within.
Not to grasp, but for my being to simply be-in.

And… I am want to add something to at least a part of this space.
A story, a poem, a song.
Perhaps even an idea, a theory, an axiom.

My internal self-critical algorithms abhor a vacuum.


After a well-being-inducing infusion of fuel for my being-well body.
I read a mind-challenging segment which serves me well.

A well written well of mind-wellness.
Inspired by my love.
Something to share with all.

As is this.