3/7/19: THIS moment…

7:02 am
In THIS moment, I breath in the constant gratitude.
As it says in the song…

It’s only ever after
All my love and laughter
Shout from hall and rafter

All and all and all and all…


was an especially challenging day to drive.

Never mind the usual Honolulu rush-hour traffic.
Backed up by the usual ever-expanding population of vehicles
with which this tiny island has absolutely ZERO ability to cope.

Never mind the usual island-wide crumbling infrastructure.
Exacerbated by the usual to-be-expected amplification of the above-mentioned traffic.
Amplifying in turn, the usual frustration, cravenness and/or simply f’d-up-ness of the above-mentioned vehicle’s operators.

Add to all this, the oh-so-randomly-applied, crisis-of-the-moment.


7:35 am
In THIS moment, I stretch a bit, think of how much I love my sweetheart and consider deleting the blurb of a rant I just wrote above.
But as it says in the song… 

At the break of each day
I’m awake to the way
Any doubt, gone away

With my love
My love
My love

Feelin’ is so fine

And I feel so alive right here my love
Here til the end of time


7:50 am
In THIS moment, I revisit a moment in last night’s myriad morass of moments.
A moment of action/inaction.
Affirming all I am…

In one

And it made all the difference.




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