5/4/18: Obeisant Anesthetic

I love the movies.

Movies are of this world and yet I become immersed in another.
An other, entirely created world.
Bound only by imagination, movies take me where I had no idea.
I had no idea I could go.
Anything can be shown in movies now.
The impossible is made to look real.
The improbable is made to look commonplace.
The real is made to be questioned.
My reality fills with wonder.

They make the movies.

They also make TV and the two are quickly becoming one.
One world of well-produced entertainment.
One world of amazingly entertaining production.
Producing their perspective.
Their perspective to be imposed upon the world.
A world where entertainment is the world.
Does anyone ever wonder?

We make the movies.

We take in all that’s in our world and make our own online.
We make our own world of ideas.
We make our own entertainment.
Hoping to become one the those producers.
Or just becoming them.
Competition for entertainment attention is so intense now.
Production values are everything.
The only values that count.
The best production values our entertainment above all things.
All things thus become sensitive to only that.
That which we want.
That which we make.
That makes us wonder.

Are we thus…
Desensitized to wonder?




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