Look at you
with that big flower in your hair
Oh yes look at you
You know how I’m already there
In the cloud so high
I see you and I
and I linger for a while
So glad to play my part
As part of your smile

What you most had to hear from me
Just like yesterday
I found the love I had to be
Life so good with you
It has to be true
Even when you make me cry
a parcel and just part
In part of your smile

When I see your face
feel your warm embrace
all time and space
melts away
Like an endless dance
my hopeful romance
for a chance
to see that smile again today

Here we are
The best of life is yet to come
And so here we are
Living a love that’s just begun
In a million years
it might end in tears
but until then here’s the sky
A universal part
A transcendental heart
The quintessential part

All part of your smile