6/27/18: The Morning Practice (The Other, This… That!)

That this is the other thing.
This that is all there is.
Is THAT all there is?


So, my dear reader (you still there?) as of yesterday’s post, I am now done with what I’ve been writing under the working title of…

Predators and Scammers

and now, it’s time for the editing.


Please stick around because while I do that editing part (offline of course) I still will be posting everyday here, in this

The Daily Brian!


I just won’t be writing any more memoir until the editing of what I’ve just finished is finished. I don’t want to impede my flow with stories from other parts of my life while editing this bit that I’m still wanting to inhabit.

Inhabiting this one short section of my life from late July of 1978 to early April of 1979, must continue so I can stay on track and in the right space to keep the story true to my vision.

What I WILL be doing, is readjusting my daily practice.

During last few weeks or so, I’ve been on a roll with writing of my memoir. I’ve been getting up and writing before doing anything else and while it’s been great to finish as I have done, this has also affected other aspects of my daily practice which are important to me and that I will be getting back to.

So until I’m done editing, I’ll be posting other things here in this blog. Things like random poetry, photos that I may also send to Instagram and/or Facebook… and since I’ll be on vacation in a few weeks, I’ll use it as a kind of travel blog. Who knows? On occasion, I may even be inspired to continue with my little on-going sci-fi novella project called Nurfworld.

I promise to keep it fun and interesting here so I do hope you, my dear reader will still come by and see what I’m doing. And just so you know, I have loads of memoir to get to after what I’ve just finished is edited and published. Once that is done (and I’m happily reading from a physical copy of my own book into the videos I occasionally post on FB) I will of course go back to making the writing of those other stories, the primary function of this blog.

That’s why I started the whole thing.

Aloha and thank you for your support.



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