FB: Post by a musician acquaintance of an event with photos and a description focusing on the food.

Instagram: Exact same post by the exact same person I just saw on FB.

FB: Advertisement for some iPhone photography equipment by a company I’ve bought similar equipment from.

Instagram: Cool nature selfie of someone I don’t know at all and reposted by an acquaintance I’ve only met once.

FB: Beautiful and artistic photo by an artist acquaintance I respect and admire.

Instagram: Happy 4th post at an airport by a professional actor acquaintance who I don’t know well but who occasionally “likes” my blog posts.

FB: Family photos of kids from an acquaintance I don’t know well but who usually posts photos of art that I enjoy and who very often “likes” and comments on my blog posts.

Instagram: Postcard-beautiful photo by a professional musician who I’ve known for many years and have considered a good friend but who now makes no effort at maintaining a relationship that I would call friendship and who I have not seen or heard from for a few years at least.

FB: A few “throwback” photos of glass art by a professional glass artist friend I like and respect but don’t see often yet who I just spoke to on the phone yesterday.

Instagram: Cliché meme-style photo by the spouse of an old and dear friend I have not seen in several years.

FB: Photo of an interesting painting posted by the above-mentioned acquaintance who posted the photos of kids.

Instagram: Selfie (with child) by the above-mentioned spouse of my old friend.

FB: Another beautiful and artistic photo by the above-mentioned artist I respect and admire.

Instagram: Screenshot from a video game by a young professional musician friend I like and respect and haven’t seen in several years but who often “likes” some of my posts (but only in Instagram).

FB: Repost regarding an important social and political issue by an artist friend I’ve known and respected for many years but who I haven’t seen in a long time.

Instagram: Photo of musical instruments by a musician I don’t know at all but who is well connected to musicians I know and like and respect.

FB: Photos of the local 4th of July parade by a dear friend who I just visited last year.

Instagram: Selfie (with dogs) of a young professional entertainer acquaintance I like and enjoy but who I haven’t seen in a few years.


This is yet another test.
This is still only a test.
Do continue to not panic!
Do continue to not switch to any other blog or website of any kind and by all means avoid all social media outlets unless absolutely necessary.
If this had been an actual blog post you would have been (once again) wowed and amazed by the cleverness and artistic prowess of the author.
Please continue to stay tuned.
Please continue to monitor this website for up-coming creative expressions and releases of products for your enjoyment and perhaps even enlightenment.
Remember… you are a beautiful and valuable being in this universe and you are loved.