8/21/18: Naked Wisdom

Hi there! Remember me?

Yea, I’m the woman who got Brian to take off all his clothes a week ago.

I tell ya, it’s done him no end of good since. Pretty proud of that, I am… and so is he. He’s still a bit too up in his head about this whole being a writer thing to say so, but we’re working on that.

Actually, that’s why I’m here now.

See… Brian recently finished writing a story that he’s going to publish into a book. It’s a work of memoir, a “coming of age” story that takes place between late July of 1978 and early April of 1979. It’s about an adventure he had, that ends with a twenty-year-old Brian finally deciding that he’d do much better in life to go and get a college education.

Heh… Duh!

As I said, the story is basically finished, but now there’s the long editing process ahead and Brian is mulling over how he’d like the thing to sound. His over-all voice thingy. I’m not going to go into specifics here. That’s not for me to do. Brian will get that figured out when he get’s it all figured out. He’ll be fine.

My job is to tell you folks what’s what. The REAL naked truth.

Brian sure isn’t going to do that. Not after all he’s decided to do to change how he uses social media and stuff… (don’t even ask me about that)

I tried getting him to do it. I tried getting him to write about his naked truth. That was a mistake. All he came up with (after a whole day of reading everything he could find on nakedness) was this lame poem. Well… it’s not completely lame but hey, Brian is no great poet.

What I think he does best (besides writing some pretty good songs) is telling a story. That’s what got the book going and why most of the posts he writes for this The Daily Brian blog, is usually in the form of a story. This has been good practice for him as he works out what kind of voice he wants to use for the book but now he needs to spend less time on that and more time editing so…

So expect to see more of me. I’ll be kicking Brian’s ass into editing gear on a daily basis. I may even have to occasionally take over the blog so he can finish the book AND tell himself he’s keeping his commitment to writing in here every day.

Dang! that guy is lucky to have me around.

Perhaps he’ll write me into a song some day.

Heh… if he’s lucky, I’ll let him.



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