This road
Is not so very long
But this old worn-out road
Seems to just go on and on
and on and on

It’s not particularly bumpy
I see clearly to the end
Not much traffic is in front of me
and it doesn’t even bend

And even though

This road
goes ever slightly down a hill
Yet still this damned-fool road
feels like I’m on some kind of
endless treadmill

A pernicious repeating pattern
of some crazy kind of math
And everything I want that matters
is on a completely different path

But this road
As far as I can see
Will take me to the next road
My last road
On which she’s come to me

And yes
on that road
She’ll walk with me

Oh yes
on that road
The one that’s yet to be
Will be such a big wide
wondrously open road
Stretching far past where each of us
can yet now see

And now we do see
from sea to shining sea
We see our own roads
our very own roads

Our roads yet to be

And we will make them all fantastic
future fine new roads to be
Into how and where we both are
traveling how we each can dream
and wish to be

But this road
though it’s not so very long
Still this crazy old worn-out road
just keeps going on and on
and on and on
and on and on
and on and on…