Sad Francisco

This city hates meOr that’s what I thoughtBut nowAs the sounds of dramaOutside our hotelMingle and muddleWith the slow realizationOf all the cheap-assed amenitiesInside our barely adequate roomAnd metastasize It’s just a sad sadSad Francisco Never mind the shitty signage on the freewayOr the paltry excuse for an overpriced crab sandwichNever mind the boarded up [...]

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more aware than you might think random visions and current trauma mingle ghosts appear real as you and me look at him listen to him love him be with him pain is more complex than a broken arm care may need to include letting go of your agenda agents of chaos do what they will [...]

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Bigot’s Bargain

he speaks of only wanting truth then lies to get what he wants facts don’t care about feelings his knife twisting in your back but you you know how your deal with this devil will end you buy in spite because you know your hand is the one that wins you buy and buy and [...]

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War Without End

i remember when it all started i remember where i was when the invasion began i remember believing enough of what i now know to be out-and-out lies to count count myself in to see it as a necessary evil after all it was obviously the only prudent action we could take considering the possibility [...]

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i will always love you our souls are so entwined destined to be together since the dawn of time i will never leave you you're always on my mind the thought of ever losing you makes me want to die a year ago we promised to have each other’s back i made a vow to [...]

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Stolen Line

i saw a friend did share his pain in public where no truth is lain my query how might be the gain was lost in time like tears in rain ------ My Sweetheart knew before I Blessed... m(___)m  

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As We Go

i am yoursyou are minewe are freewe are finecome to mecall my namei’ll be thereall the sametake my handlead me homethrough this worldwe shall roamall we loveall we knowfinds our wayas we go ——— My Sweetheart and I Blessed… m(___)m  

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The Shadows (part one)

there is a darkness perhaps inside us all an impulse a whisper the shadow of awareness yet hidden giving voice to the unkind it looks for weakness sparkling artifice promulgating only lies it couldn’t be more certain but its ruin is hubris foolish intellect the blind spot within incuriosity the bloated ego leading the already [...]

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