11/1/17: Contemplation


I went down to the riverbank at night and looked around
The lights that danced on the water could’ve come from any town
I could hear all my hopes and fears for the times I’ve yet to know
I could see that it’s all up to me whether they can stay or go

Sometimes when I’m all alone I think of all I have done
The love I’d thought I had and the fortunes I felt I’d won
But every time I can clear my mind of all that isn’t true
What has past’s really worthless at last to tell me what to say or do

You give everything I need to focus on what is real
The way you help me think, the way that makes me feel
You always hold me to what I’ve told you, remembering stubbornly
You always say when I’m running away from things concerning you or me

So lets go by the light of day down by the river shore
We’ll share our thoughts and dreams, talk about what they’re for
And in time I’m quite sure we’ll find a way to get around
Anything that tomorrow may bring in this, or any other town



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