2/18/17: I’m One of “Them” (Channeling the “Other Side”)

I’m one of “those people”
I’m one of “them”
I’m one of those “other” people
Could you ever call me friend?
I’ve got a whole lot of opinions
You’re on the other end
I’ve spent a lifetime defending them
They do not easily bend

It’s almost like I’m from another planet
So much different from yours
By the way you mock what I hold sacred
I might just as well be down on all fours
I’d like to think you don’t really see me that way
You say you want an end to all wars
But from they way I see we disagree
You’ve closed all your doors

But you say we’re all connected
And I agree in many ways that’s true
Then you go on with your gloom and doom predictions
I really start to worry about you
Because my examination of your suggested solutions
Reveals very few
They all seem to be built around expecting everyone
To live and think like you

I know just where you’re coming from
Because I’ve been there myself
That’s why I know which of my opinions to hide
And how to attack yours with stealth
I see my advantage is that with me truth is on the table
While with you it’s on the shelf
I need to have my facts in front of me
You seem to care more how you felt

So we go round and round in circles
About what’s right and wrong
But since you don’t like to think in such “black and white” terms
It doesn’t take long
Before I just start looking for some little tiny space
We can both stand on
And it’s because of this dynamic
That I wrote this song

So now look me in the eye
You don’t have to say what you believe
Just show me your Buddha nature
And listen for a minute would’ja please
Cause I’m one of “those people”
Oh yes I have enemies
But I would like very much to not count you among them
Before I take my leave

Yea, I’m one of “those people”
I’m one of “them”
I’m one of those “other” people
And we don’t have to be friends
I’d just like it if we could be intellectually honest with each other for once
So we can be clear as to where we really differ
Because from my perspective if you’d just pay attention and listen long enough to actually hear what I’m saying I’m sure you’d discover that we agree on a whole lot more than you think we do…

In the end.




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