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7/20/18: Yes, It’s Going to be a Trip

San Francisco Airport is as good a place as any to begin this, the more bloggy beginning of... Brian's Epic Summer Journey 2018I'm finding that there will be times when insufficient bandwidth seems to interfere with my ability to upload. I just now posted the photo I took yesterday as I walked from the house [...]

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7/17/18: An Early Attempt (page #12)

I'm going to put all these pages (as I post them) from my old journal of 1986, into the memoirs category even if the content is (like this one) not exactly memoir. That way I can keep them all together and in order. As you (my dear reader) can see, the content of this one [...]

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7/16/18: A Right to Privacy.

As an artist, I am moved to express what I feel inside. As a human being, I am asked to honor my connection to others. As a member of a society, I am told to be aware of difference. As an individual among many... I am. --------------------- I am contemplating all that has happened recently. [...]

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7/13/18: An Early Attempt (page #9)

Definitely, I'm liking the margin doodle art in these pages more and more. I fleshed out the story in this one (and a few that follow) in this blog last year starting here  in a sequence of several posts which also include the lyrics to a song I wrote many years ago on the same topic. [...]

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7/12/18: An Early Attempt (page #8)

Interesting... Reading these pages as I post them. This early attempt at memoir, I can also see my current tendency to go back and forth between the younger self of whom I'm writing, and the "adult" self doing so. So... the voice in which I now write memoir (and my other current writing in this [...]

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7/11/18: Noodle Club

Noodle Club, Noodle Club It’s not about the pasta Sometimes we get sushi Sometimes we go Rasta Noodle Club, Noodle Club Number one’s our hero And everyone agrees except for Michael Shapiro Brian orders large size Tommy get’s the extra Kevin’s very regular But sometimes he has a beer The pork is so amazing Melting [...]

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