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11/19/19: Green Gold Gush

I love her so The sounds the sweetness our hearts meld One perspective all visions a validation of two I look upon the green soon to be gold the lush luxurious lavish All projects aside all problems abide Waiting becomes the morning breeze ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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11/15/19: Moon-shadow Melt-the-get-down

Over and over whelmed in clover stead not fast at all Carny at the helm blarney goes the realm never had the stones found thrones more apt to fall Gave me another foul friend brother wonder on the wane Then came a grinder meat-melting minder girdling those doodled gone noodled floor found the brain ------ [...]

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11/14/19: Playing Catch-up in a World of Custard

3:45 am POW! Right in the face! Just when I thought I knew a thing or two that the worst might let me be I could not have imagined would never have guessed what these words that now fail me will have to redress WOW! What a disgrace! Good thing I'm not alone that my [...]

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11/12/19: Unabashed Joy in the House of Pain

Heard long before being seen he comes bearing music full on No holding back with this guy All around are instantly entranced distracted from that which is dealt as well as dealt with daily in this place This mad house Right minds found here only dead But for this short time the pain seems almost [...]

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11/8/19: Art/Life Allegory

Come the tears born of shame unwarranted unwanted unkind It's just art a made up story people who never existed why can't I stop? I know we can never go back never undo redo or go where we might have gone Here and now is all we have from which to start again and again [...]

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