3/8/18: Lookin’ Up


Looking up, to see the signs.
See what changes, see what’s mine
Not too far it’s crystal clear
Some of the things I’ve held dear

Going by the way side
All that kept my heart fried

Been looking down for far too long
Focused on what’s big and strong
Fooled by love, fooled by pride
Blinded to the rising tide

Went along with what it gave
Nothing gained, nothing saved

Yea I been looking and a thinking about the way that I been doing with the things that I been given up till now and then tend to pretend that all I need is nothing but the backside of a forward shove into the future finds my love and for all this I get no reciprocity to satisfy my sense of fair and simple compensation you might say that I’ve been living up to my station with unawareness of the situation say I need no will to fill this glass with half a three-way laugh but still the world will do what it will do no I do not see and even only me but look I’m…

Looking round this swirling sea
All that bubbles up, up to be
Opportunities arise
Come to punish, come to prize

When it comes, time to choose
Realize that it’s all true

Yea it’s all true that I will do what will do me but if you look up to the trees you may just see my selfish tribute to a grapefruit moon but then I swoon with silly sun-kissed sweet libation sticking in and out of all pretense with every sense of proper motion to the left bent in and out of proportion so look I’m…

Looking up, to see the signs.
See the changes, see what’s mine
Looking up now through the sea
I see you do you see me

Looking up now through the sea
I see you do you see me



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