We do all we can.
Keep it together.
We follow the plan.

Looking out for stormy weather.
All we ever wanted now
seems a wasted opportunity.
For understanding how
to achieve some continuity.

With culture in shambles.
With poetic rambles.
A love growing old.
And blood bought and sold.

To the bad ass.
He or she will break it down.
Kick it bad ass.
Black and white, yellow brown.

See the bad ass.
Be a bad ass.
Kick it bad ass.

Bad ass.

I’m looking at you.
You think it’s funny.
To question what’s true.

And it’s all about the money.
When I try and find a way
to a better life trajectory.
You throw it all away
and go back inside your fantasy.

A world without wonder.
A life full of plunder.
The best you can do.
Is bite down and chew.

On your bad ass.
You can’t even make a pile.
All the bad ass.
Will produce only bile.

When the bad ass.
Is a bad ass.
Kick the bad ass.

Bad ass.