martin luther
what a chad
the dude of his time

his 95 theses
was to be the final challenge
to a ponderous
far-reaching social order

using language
and technology
to break the church’s hold on the mysteries of god
and expose the fraud
of its get out of purgatory early

october 31 1517
sent to the clergy
posted on the church door
but most radically
printed in the world’s first
post gone viral
in the common language of the public
as gutenberg went bankrupt
due to poor marketing

the first celebrity
a radical outlaw
here i stand
i can do no other

but saved by fredrick the wise
in order to fund his personal literary project
and make a cheaper church

finally leading
to a great peasant uprising
the first apocalypse
and the 12 articles

he then sides with the nobles
and insists that only his interpretation

is the correct one