oh great spirit
purveyor of peace
universal energy
of unconditional love
and heart

stay my stoic mind
ease my stolid soul
grant me now
again to cry
without the shame
or toxic fear
of endless tears
and fail to fall

there was a time
when all it took
was harshness
in the voice
a firm hand
or slightly sternful

now all i see
and all i feel
permits me not
to care

there was a time
when life turned blue
all i could do
was weep

but now the earth
will have my bones
and with true love
the depth
of sweet lament
doth no longer

permit the light
to see me cry
i need to know
that tenderness
ne’er was lost

and to understand
as comes in time
that i shall give
what might i owe
while in my grasp
to finally know
how to count
the cost