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Although this blog is primarily for sharing stories, I will always be writing songs. Some of these in here are fairly new (and I’ll also post any brand-new songs as I write them) but most are old songs never before produced or recorded… yet.

2/18/17: I’m One of “Them” (Channeling the “Other Side”)

I’m one of “those people” I’m one of “them” I’m one of those “other” people Could you ever call me friend? I’ve got a whole lot of opinions You’re on the other end I've spent a lifetime defending them They do not easily bend It’s almost like I’m from another planet So much different from [...]

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2/15/18: Slow-Cookin’ Chili Sauce

I can feel it burn Smacking my lips And the caldron churns As I wiggle my hips Yea... it’ll make you move It’ll get you hot Like the kind of grove You just can’t stop Bubble and burp Burble and bop Simmer and slurp Slither and slop Slow-cookin’ Chili Sauce Slow-cookin’ Chili Sauce Slow-cookin’ Chili [...]

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2/11/18: Song for Jackie

  I see the blue skies above me, and the sun it does shine. As the green grass below caress these happy feet of mine And the breath of life within me fills my heart and blows my mind Like a song Like a song I hear the birds sing the melody as the ocean plays [...]

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2/5/18: Another Day

  Another day another time Another way you know da kine I have a name I have a sou But in my heart is a gaping hole Another weak and tortured mind And day by day I tow the line, I tow the line A half a brain is all I need A half a [...]

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2/4/18: Homesick

  Wouldn’t I know after all that I’d been through And wouldn’t it show if there was something I could do I think that I must be blind or maybe just a fool To think I could go so far from you Living my life as if the world weren’t a part of me And [...]

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2/1/18: Bury Me

  Bury me on the hill Where I can see See the people moving still But they can’t see me Carry me on your shoulders Hold on to my heart Part the sea with your wisdom Brother wherefore thou art? I had a dream last night You were standing right next to me You jumped [...]

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1/31/18: Without Shame

  As a child I would cry without shame Then as a man I’d build walls to stop the rain When my daddy died I threw my pain against the wind I couldn’t cry Couldn’t look within In my time Love Left me alone Look at my shadows Craving to atone Knowing now I only [...]

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1/27/18: At Fifty

  Oh the people I remember In the stories that I tell Some be angels from my wildest dreams Others psycho freaks from hell I’ll avoid the histrionics I wouldn’t want to waste your time But each moment tends to foment More than my heart can keep inside Though I wasn’t born yesterday And my [...]

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1/23/18: Living With the Pain

  I’ve tried everything I could think to do Accessed every resource, even made up a few But all my efforts seem to have been in vain So I’m living with the pain The last time I sought relief I had some success Made me just a little over-confident I guess Still I wouldn't want to [...]

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1/21/18: I Imagine You

  Lately I find Nothing but you Occupies All that I do I imagine you in the early morning Leaving for LA or for Frisco Bay I imagine you laying here beside me Feeling like it’s always been that way Take me at my Word it’s all true All I write Only for you I [...]

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