The curtain opens on a scene with Reasonable Guy (RG) and the Devil’s Advocate (DA) embroiled in heated conversation.

RG is just wrapping up a very long-winded explanation of one of his many complex ideas that he’d decided to share with DA for some… reason.


RG: So you see, it’s all true! My assessment is accurate and thus my conclusion is valid. You must agree.

DA: Not at all. I must do nothing of the sort. In fact, I find the exact opposite to be true. It’s only reasonable to counter your certainty with an alternative that pre-supposes you to be completely wrong. The scientific process is in my corner on this one. Not yours.

RG: That makes no sense at all. The scientific process demands rigorous analysis of carefully collected data, followed by repeated experimentation looking for replication of results. This serves to strengthen the theories we use to make sense of the observable universe. I’ve done all this and presented my findings in a clear and comprehensive format. How could you possibly espouse the opposite?

DA: Because that’s what I do.

RG: Well, that’s just wrong!

DA: Says YOU!

RG: You’re not being reasonable at all.

DA: True. But then that’s your job, isn’t it?

RG: It’s everyone’s job to be reasonable. Without reason, the world would fall into utter chaos!

DA: Cool!

RG: This is not helpful at all.

DA: Yes it is.

RG: How so?

DA: You’re the reasonable guy, go reason that one out for yourself and get back to me when you are ready for a real conversation.

RG: Arggghhh!!!

DA: (turns to the audience and bows)
My work is done here… For now.