Hi there.

A while ago, my sweetheart and I decided to create a social game.
And now we’d like to invite you all to play…

The Naked Game.

But first, we would like your input so please read on.


We came up with the idea while driving down to Rochester and after playing the usual road trip word games (you know like looking at roadsigns for words in alphabetical order) we were thinking of what to do next to pass the time and thought… “Hey, why not come up with our own game?”

So we did.

As I said, it’s a social game. The primary goal is to facilitate fun social interaction by “getting naked”. Not physically of course (although that may be an option for some) the game will simply be about encouraging players to step out of their comfort zone a bit… or a bit more. To explore their awareness of boundaries and vulnerability and what that means to them.

Although we are planning on having a game board (see my crude drawing above) and pieces moving round with the rolling of dice, the most essential part of the game is based on responding to suggestion cards. That way, it will also be possible to play the game anywhere. Kinda like those trivia games.

The suggestions on the cards will all fall into in five categories that indicate increasing levels of nakedness. All the way from fully clothed, to totally naked.

Below are the five categories and a brief description of what they represent.


Fully Clothed

Being fully clothed is about protecting one’s personal space and respecting it in others. Understanding, expressing and maintaining healthy boundaries is the focus here. Others are expected to do the same.


When barefoot we are taking a risk, but not a great risk. The part of us that is exposed is tough enough to take some rough ground, but if we are not used to being barefoot a lot, we need to step lightly. Hopefully, others will at least try to avoid stepping on our feet.


Going around topless is a statement that we are very comfortable with a big portion of who we are. A bit proud even. To be topless is to invite others to comment and even challenge us to show more.

Pants Off

Once the pants are off we are quite vulnerable indeed, and indicating that we are looking to find the value in lowering most of our boundaries. The challenge now, is for others to understand and respect that we are still choosing to keep our most private parts covered.

Totally Naked

To be totally naked is to be completely open to all that comes our way. The boundaries are gone and we stand in full view of all. When we are this vulnerable, we are showing our utmost trust in those around us. Thus, it is they who have the greatest challenge.


The play is very simple. A player chooses a card from any category and responds to what is on it. When using the game board and moving the pieces around it, the idea is simply to help facilitate the choosing of the cards. There are no winners or losers in this game and unlike trivia game cards, there will be no right or wrong answers.

The cards will only be offering suggestions. It will be up to each player to decide how to respond to what is on the card.


Now my dear reader, here is where you come in. My sweetheart and I would very much like your input in developing this game.

I am making this post to ask you to please contribute ideas for suggestion cards. We already have lots of ideas for cards but we thought it would be fun (and helpful) to get suggestions for suggestion cards from you. We have no doubt that you all will have some great ideas that we haven’t yet thought of and that the game will be much better for having included them.

Just remember that suggestions will need to be brief enough to fit on a game card (2.5 x 3.5 inches). We are looking for open-ended suggestions, rather than a questions or instructions to do something. Once we have a lot of ideas for cards, we will decide which categories they go in, print them up and create a finished version of the game board.

So please send us your ideas. I would prefer you sent them by email or private message, or text… but please just do consider getting a little naked with us and jump in and have fun with this.

We are looking forward to your input.

Thank you.