Let it rain
Let it rain
Let your love rain down on me.

—— Eric Clapton


7:34 am
Another downpour awakens me… again.
The first one that woke me this morning was an hour and a half ago.
THAT was a LOUD rain. It was coming down all at once.
Just dumping out of the sky like from a great, big, bucket.
Thus the term, downpour.

I send a good morning text to me sweetheart.

I snap a photo and post it to Instagram.
Right behind a friend in Minnesota with his photo of the snow, snow, snow.
My sweetheart texts me back.

These winter rains will have subsided by then.
Apart from the usual rain one must assume will be here.
Here in the rainforest.

My mind is now all on the planning of her visit.
The fist plan is to keep it chill.
No big emphasis on the PLAN.
The BIG emphasis is on relaxing and simply being WITH her.

This will not be difficult.

It still too early to start making phone calls.
And I’m too focused on this to be of any use here in this blog.

Time for breakfast.