3/11/19: Naked Subsumption

At some point we have to look at the bigger picture.
To consider that little guy over there.
Telling another story.

To be fair, our practice is getting better.
But is it too little?
Is it too late?

That guy over there just appears to be little, by the way.
But we’ve known that all along.
We just pretend he’s not a big deal.
He’s not important.

It’s just so much easier to fill our minds.
With a whole lot of nothing.


Every now and then, we give it a try.
Pay lip-service to…
Attempting to include…


But that either ends up sounding like total nonsense.
Or at best…

Bad poetry.

I wonder if it would help to invite him to the party?
Let him tell his story again.

It’s at least worth considering.





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