Another Monday night was going on.
Next door someone was singing Karaoke songs
You tried to make the best of it
You tried to work it through
A lesser man might’ve lost it but oh no not you

But you can tell a story
And you can turn a phrase on its end
And you can rant pure poetry
So don’t you sweat it friend

Seems like it’s always darkest fore the dawn
The devil he don’t ask what’s right and he don’t ask what’s wrong
You didn’t want to hear it
It seemed to make you sad
And when I said it clear you just got mad

Then you told me a story
Yea you know the one that has no end
And then you said that reality tends to mimic expectations
So don’t you go there friend

I’m sorry… all I did was ask a few questions and…
And everybody started SHOUTING at me and…
And telling me to stop shouting but I wasn’t shouting I was…
I was just trying to ask a few questions but you know…
You know…

I love all of your stories
Especially the ones that don’t address any moral questions at the end
But reality is made up of more than just poetry
You do get that, don’t you friend?

OK I’ll try and be more sensitive from now on
I know you can enjoy debate but I guess not for too long
Hey I’m not expecting you to think or do anything like me
But maybe some day this old man may help you understand