Ok… the topic for the moment is “cars and dreams” so… here are a few dream experiences from those days of my first car experiences.

I remember two distinctly. They were reoccurring dreams.

Remember, I was fourteen.

First is a dream in which my entire family is killed in a car crash.
I inherit the house and get a bunch of insurance money, and get to do whatever I want.
Next time I dream that I’m also in the car when it crashes and only I survive, and get to do whatever I want.
Next time I’m paralyzed in the accident but then get better, and get to do whatever I want.

The End.

In my other reoccurring dream of those days, I save a girl from a bear.
Sometimes it’s a nondescript monster.
The girl always falls in love with me in gratitude.
She turns out to be very rich and we get married and I get to do whatever I ever want.

The End.

Sometime around 1988 I turned that second dream into a short film while attending art school at The University of Wisconsin, River Falls.
In the film, I instead save the rich girl from a male attacker in the woods.
Again the girl falls in love with me and we get married.
The girl is not happy but can’t tell me why or how I can help her.
She leaves me alone in the big house.
I do NOT get what I want.

The End.

The story of the relationship that inspired the film of the dream has yet to be written. When I do write that story, I will post it in this blog as a continuation of my stories about love which start with this post.

This is NOT the end.