8/5/18: The Road, the Show.

The day I left, you said we might not meet again.
I then knew how I wanted to, remember you my friend.


“The Brian Show” has been on the road for quite a while now, but yesterday (my dear reader) was a PERFECT reminder of how it is actually the road which is the show.

The road we all walk down. The road leading us from the excitement of youth through the trials and tribulations that (hopefully) make mature adults. The road that ends when we do. We all walk it. It is as wide as our numbers and as long as we choose to see it.

On this road we do our best to be prepared for anything, yet we may very well find ourselves otherwise at any given turn. Around that bend we may encounter the proverbial crossroads or fork… with no sign post indicating where any of these divergent paths may lead.

There is no way to be prepared for this. No way to know if the road less traveled by, will indeed make all the difference, or if falling to our knees will bring us anything but bruises.

Yesterday was a perfect reminder to me of this road’s preeminence because of how my show was seen upon it.

I was in a position to show up as the well-traveled showman I am. My show was to play before friends from days gone by. Friends for whom the years have done what they will do. Their lives… not a complete mystery to me (the tools of the day make such ignorance a choice despite distance and time) but still these lives have been so very far from mine for long enough.

Distance and time has made anew, the merging of our respective roads. For one fine day, we felt that which can only be here. Here where old friends meet again after years apart. We look at the changes. We look for the familiar, for that which has become almost familial. We talk of those days gone by and of the years between. We catch up, reconnect.

We can not avoid our knowledge of distance here. We are together again in the moment, but only for this moment. We make plans for perhaps one more meeting. To deepen the connection before distance and time will once again wedge between us. Interfering with the signal, perhaps cutting the line.

But my well-traveled showman self did not fail me this fine day. I’m happy to report to you (my dear reader) that yesterday… the road that was my show brought me closer to more friends from days gone by, than I could ever have hoped.

My friends and I braved the rain, crossed the barriers of distance and time, and merged our respective roads for much more than one magical moment. Fully aware that these moments together (as any mature adult must know) may very well be our last.

And THAT made all the difference.



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